PLANETCRAFT | Electricity, new range weapons, spawn eggs for mobs and more added to v4.8! Download now!

Great update with many new features added: Electricity and Redstone, new types of range weapons, spawn eggs for mobs! 

-    Added Redstone circuit and electricity in Survival Multiplayer mode! Build whatever Redstone circuits you can imagine! 
-    New crossbow range weapon. Get stronger in PvP battles with multiple crossbows loaded. Shoot more arrows with better accuracy!
-    New fireball range weapon. Fire all enemies and hostile mobs around you!
-    Implanted mobs’ spawn eggs and added them to SHOP. Spawn IRON GOLEM or tamed wolves that will protect you 
-    Added 4 types of FLAT map templates to PRIVATE MAPS: clean flat, flat with trees, desert flat with trees and winter flat with trees. Now you can create your own private maps with clean flat map and start building your new world from the scratch 
-    Added history of visited private maps on the separate TAB
-    New witch mob 3D model and animation in Survival Multiplayer mode
-    New world generator parameter settings in Survival Single player mode. Select numerous parameters for any new world creation in single player
-    Added fire implementation in single player mode
-    Better accuracy of the range weapon aiming in Survival Multiplayer
-    3D rendering and multiplayer network improvements